This barley database includes information about the barley germplasm preserved in the Institute of Plant Science and Resources , Okayama University and it has been originally established by the supervision of Dr. Ryuhei Takahashi, Emeritus Professor of Okayama University in 1983 as 'Catalog of barley germplasm preserved in Okayama University'. The database consists of information about more than 30 items, such as variety name, origin ,history, morphological, physiological and ecological traits of ca. 4,000 cultivars.

Number of genetic traits examined and number of stocks are increasing. These additional information will be included in the near future. We hope this database will be useful for the researchers working on a wide range of plant sciences as well as barley breeders in the world.

Preparation of this home page and search system owes to great efforts of Dr. Yukiko Yamazaki (Center for Genetic Resource Information, National Institute of Genetics) and Dr. Kazuhiro Sato (Institute of Plant Science and Resources, Okayama University).