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Number J369
Name Kobinkatagi
Origin Okayama,Japan
Source Okayama,Japan
History Sel.'Kobinkatagi' (1921)
Covered(+) or naked(n) kernel n
kernel rows 6
Ear-awn type LL
Uzu semi-dwarF(uz) or normal(+) uz
Leaf-sheath hair  
Leaf tip color  
Seedling type M
Heading time M
Stem length(cm) 92
Ear length(cm) 5
Awn length(cm) 5
Glume length(mm) 9
No.of triplets 29
Ear density(mm) 1.4
Lemma color  
Kernel color  
1000 kernel weight(g) 27
Rachilla hair +
Vernalization requirement 4
Reaction to Mildew race I S
Reaction to Mildew race IV S
Reaction to Mildew race IX M
Reaction to BaYMV  
Brittleness of rachis E
Hybrid lethal seedling me
Hybrid chlorosis e
genes or characters clt,Clt-2
Name in Japanese Chinese コビンカタギ
Research papers using this strain
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Taketa S, Kikuchi S, Awayama T, Yamamoto S, Ichii M, Kawasaki S.
Monophyletic origin of naked barley inferred from molecular analyses of a marker closely linked to the naked caryopsis gene (nud).
Theor. Appl. Genet. (2004) 108(7) 1236-42 [PubMed ID = 14727032] [RRC reference]