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Number T602
Name Turkey 6
Origin Turkey
Source Kyoto Univ., Japan
Covered(+) or naked(n) kernel +
kernel rows 2
Ear-awn type LL
Uzu semi-dwarF(uz) or normal(+) +
Leaf-sheath hair  
Leaf tip color +
Seedling type M
Heading time M
Stem length(cm) 84
Ear length(cm) 8.4
Awn length(cm) 11
Glume length(mm) 9
No.of triplets 22
Ear density(mm) 3.3
Lemma color B
Kernel color BL
1000 kernel weight(g) 45
Rachilla hair s
Vernalization requirement 3
Reaction to Mildew race I M
Reaction to Mildew race IV S
Reaction to Mildew race IX S
Reaction to BaYMV  
Brittleness of rachis  
Hybrid lethal seedling  
Hybrid chlorosis  
genes or characters semismooth awn
Name in Japanese Chinese  
Research papers using this strain
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Kiyosumi Hori, Kazuhiro Sato, Tetsuro Kobayashi and Kazuyoshi Takeda.
QTL Analysis of Fusarium Head Blight Resistance Severity in Recombinant Inbred Population Derived from a Cross between Two-rowed Barley Varieties.
Breed Sci. (2006) 56 25-30 [RRC reference]

Sato k, Hori K, Takeda K.
Detection of Fusarium head blight resistance QTLs using five populations of top-cross progeny derived from two-row 3 two-row crosses in barley.
Molecular Breeding (2008) 22(4) 517-526 [RRC reference]