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Number C613
Name 4887-3
Origin Manchuria,China
Source Manshu Hop Beer Co.,Manchuria,China
Covered(+) or naked(n) kernel +
kernel rows 2
Ear-awn type LL
Uzu semi-dwarF(uz) or normal(+) +
Leaf-sheath hair  
Leaf tip color +
Seedling type ME
Heading time L
Stem length(cm) 103
Ear length(cm) 9.4
Awn length(cm) 13
Glume length(mm) 11
No.of triplets 28
Ear density(mm) 3.2
Lemma color  
Kernel color  
1000 kernel weight(g) 37
Rachilla hair +
Vernalization requirement 1
Reaction to Mildew race I R
Reaction to Mildew race IV M
Reaction to Mildew race IX S
Reaction to BaYMV SS
Brittleness of rachis  
Hybrid lethal seedling  
Hybrid chlorosis a
genes or characters  
Name in Japanese Chinese  
Research papers using this strain
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Tadashi Hirasawa, Kosuke Sato, Makoto Yamaguchi, Ryohei Narita, Asuka Kodama, Shunsuke Adachi, Taiichiro Ookawa and Kazuhiro Sato
Differences in dry matter production, grain production, and photosynthetic rate in barley cultivars under long-term salinity
Plant Production Science (2017) [RRC reference]

Kodama A, Narita R, Yamaguchi M, Hisano H, Adachi S, Takagi H, Ookawa T, Sato K, Hirasawa T.
QTLs maintaining grain fertility under salt stress detected by exome QTL-seq and interval mapping in barley.
Breed Sci (2018) 68(5) 561-570 [PubMed ID = 30697117] [RRC reference]